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Holland disabled on euro 2012 against Portugal

Holland disabled on EK 2012 against Portugal. Holland leaves euro2012 after the groupstage Euro 2012. Read on!

Holland disabled on euro 2012 against Portugal

"We started great at the game against Portugal,' that will be the comments after the match against Portugal. 'We could not keep it up, but this is how we want to play'.

The comments will be just as predictable as the outcome of the match Netherlands - Portugal. The first 20 minutes were like football. We saw Van der Wiel and Robben strong opening on the right. But Van Persie ... have we seen Van Persie? And Sneijder?

After the 1-0, the Dutch team runs out of energy. Portugal became stronger. Much stronger. The Germans did not help more. Stekelenburg saved a few times first, but there was no stopping him. Van der Wiel zakete way back again. Vlaar was run over by Ronaldo (1 - 1) and Willems falls through the ice green.

And Van de Vaart? Yes it was already after 20 minutes. Changing the motto. And Van Persie? Can someone call him to ask yourself a bill to ask again a disgrace!

Conclusion: Holland had not the right energy and was simply just not good enough. Holland disabled on euro2012.

Datum: 17 Juni 2012
Bron: Geen Bron

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