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Napoli-Chelsea 3-1 - Lavezzi man of the match

Napoli-Chelsea 3-1 | Lavezzi man of the match. Napoli played very well. Napoli looks forward for next round champion leaque. Read more!

Napoli-Chelsea 3-1 | Lavezzi man of the match
Napoli plays very well in their own stadion, 60.000 fan's were hours before match already in the stadion. After the good start of Napoli, it was Chelsea that scores the first goal. Paolo Cannavaro missed the ball completly. Juan Mata scores 1 - 0. Everbody thought that Chelsea makes the 2 - 0. But Napolio strikes back with 2 goals in the first half. The Napoli fan's goes wild at half time. In the second half first Chelsea was the best team, but the don't have the power to score a goal. Drogba was isolated and unlucky. Napoli gets strongers and man of the match Lavezzi scores a perfect third goal. With this result Napoli looks forward to the next round of the Champion Leaque.

Datum: 21 Februari 2012
Bron: Geen Bron

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