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Social Media is Emerging SEO Trend

Social Media is Emerging SEO Trend - Social media has pervaded every aspect of our cyber lives already; and soon, it will be a major influencer in the industry that is search engine optimization (SEO); despite such a change, however, many would find it good news that basic tools will remain central in any business strategy.

Social media is fast taking over the way we navigate the Web and basically how it works. Search engine giant Google made the ceremonial next step in merging social media with SEO when it launched its +1 button, a "Like" button for search engine results pages (SERPs).

The bottom-line is that traffic driving search engines are incorporating the power of social media into their inner workings, and soon social media will be just as definitive and conclusive a factor in search as off-page meta data and on-page optimization are.

The range of social interaction that will inevitably affect rankings in search engines will encompass such engagements as comments, tweets, +1's Likes, and other sharing options. A social media strategy will soon be required in every SEO strategy in every business in the Web.

Datum: 12 December 2011
Bron: Press Release Global Outreach

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