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Corruption at Dinamo Zagreb - Olympique Lyon

Corruption at Dinamo Zagreb - Lyon can not be excluded. NOS analyst Mulder suggests bribery at Dinamo Zagreb for discussion. Read on!

Corruption at Dinamo Zagreb - Olympique Lyon
"This may corruption, this is a sport in which millions cope, you should certainly not exclude," argued NOS analyst Mulder immediately after the elimination of Ajax. Especially the Dynamo goalie and let the defense showed the relative body fails. Also clearly visible wink of a Dynamo Zagreb defender after another goal, leads to new debate about corruption again. "Belchinezen?," said Tom Egberts desperately.

The team of Frank de Boer was eliminated by Dinamo Zagreb in their own stadium lost 1-7 to Olympique Lyon. Hal time in Zagreb had a normal 1-1 tie. Lyon's victory at Dinamo Zagreb is the biggest away win in the Champion Leaque.

Datum: 08 December 2011
Bron: Geen Bron

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