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Gordon Brown Speech Addresses the Critics on UK Immigration

Gordon Brown has today attempted to right the wrongs of previous mistakes, in a sweeping speech given in front of a packed conference room in West London, he forthrightly outlined what now must take place in order for the Governments' policy on immigration to regain some respect.

Speaking at times mechanically and without the natural enthusiasm of his predecessor, at fleeting moments Brown seemed to be learning of the new proposals himself. For the reforms certainly came thick and fast. Every aspect of the system that has come under scrutiny in the past couple of months seemingly addressed.

As the bullish address continued, in front of the worlds media, it seemed Brown's line on UK immigration hadn't so much as changed as mutated into a new approach to the issue, Brown again reiterated that 'The economy had to grow' and that 'managed migration' was the way to do that. At one point Brown pointed to the 'immeasurable benefits' that immigrants to this country offered, a phrase all too familiar with the party faithful. This was however aimed at an altogether different audience, the undertaking being to keep afloat his credibility as a leader and someone in control of the country's policy on UK immigration.

The Prime Minister went on to tackle all the concerns we at this company have been voicing for weeks. He stated that UK student visas were being suspended, and went on to praise the University system and those foreign students that currently are enrolled in it, Brown cited institutions lower down the pecking order as those culpable for the abuses of the current student visa and vowed to tackle those that had exploited it.

The new UK points system was at the centre of his speech today, of which he said was changing to reflect the needs of the economy.

"This is a system not ready to deal with the changes in global trends," And continued with the words that "Government must change to meet the new challenges put before it."

Datum: 16 November 2009
Bron: Press releases Global Visas

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